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Water leaking into a basement can result in all manner of problems – from poor air quality to structural instability. As such, any water entering a basement should be inspected by an expert to establish the source and find a relevant resolution to stop it.
Here at RBS Damp Proofing, we work with our team of contractors specially trained in basement and cellar tanking alongside fitting waterproof flooring to protect your home or business. All our services are performed to the highest standards, while we also offer Type A and Type C basement tanking options.
Based in Tooting, South West London, we offer services across a 10-mile radius, including Clapham, Dulwich, Redhill and Wandsworth. We work with both commercial and domestic clients to provide waterproofing basement services to protect their property.

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Cellar tanking, also known as basement tanking, is the process of installing a waterproof barrier to prevent water and damp from entering. To achieve this, we create a special render or slurry we apply to the walls and flooring of the cellar or basement.
Cellar and basement tanking is a proven method of protecting a space and is particularly common in London, where issues with groundwater leaking into a property are common due to the unique clay-based nature of the region’s soil.

Alongside our basement tanking services, we can also install a range of waterproof flooring options to prevent moisture building up and water damage. Our flooring options include everything from vinyl planks and tiles to a concrete sealer, ensuring we can provide a solution suitable for all basement and cellar types.

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