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Wet Rot Treatment in Wandsworth , Clapham & Surrounding areas

Occurring in damp timber, wet rot can dramatically spread if left untreated, resulting in expensive or even unrepairable damage. If you notice any signs of wet rot, such as damp, marks on woodwork or darkened timber, get in contact.

Here at RBS Damp Proofing, we specialise in wet rot control and treatment to ensure your home or business remains free of wood decay and similar issues. Our team of contractors are fully qualified to perform our services, all of which are undertaken using only the finest materials supplied by BioKil Crown.

Based in Tooting in South West London, we provide affordable wet rot, dry rot and mould treatment across a 10-mile radius, including Clapham, Forest Hill, Redhill and Wandsworth. We work with both commercial and domestic clients to provide our services to protect properties.

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Despite its name, dry rot is only an issue in damp timber and is caused by the wood-destroying fungus Serpula Lacrymans. When left untreated, dry rot can also migrate to plastered and rendered walls, as well as flooring, furniture and even masonry.
As specialist damp proofers, we can quickly identify and undertake the relevant dry rot treatment to resolve a problem with wood decay. Our team are fully equipped and experienced to tackle a full range of timber issues with minimal disturbance to your property. Alongside resolving your dry rot issue, we can also provide guidance on preventative measures to ensure the problem does not reoccur.
Thriving in moist and damp conditions, mould causes a variety of issues, including health conditions and structural damage. As specialist damp proofers, we have years of experience identifying and treating mould to ensure property owners homes and businesses remain safe.
As part of our mould treatment service, we will expertly remove the mould and identify the source of the growth to prevent the issue from returning.

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