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Rising & Penetrating Damp Treatments in Wandsworth , Clapham & Surrounding areas

Signs of damp in your home or business premises? If left untreated, it can lead to serious structural damage to your property.

Here at RBS Damp Proofing, we are professional damp proofing contractors experienced in a comprehensive range of damp and mould treatments. Our entire team of contractors are fully qualified to perform our damp proofing services, all undertaken using only the finest materials supplied by Sovereign Chemicals Ltd.

Based in Tooting, South West London, we provide affordable damp proofing services across a 10-mile radius, including Clapham, Epsom, Redhill and Wandsworth. We work with both commercial and domestic clients to provide damp proofing services that protect their property.

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Damp Treatment & Damp Proofing in Clapham, Wandsworth & Surrounding Areas

As experienced damp proofing contractors, we have encountered more than our fair share of issues caused by damp in a property. Our team are available to tackle such problems as:
The result of rising groundwater through the floor and walls of a building, rising damp can compromise a property’s structure if left unresolved. As specialists, we provide solutions, including installing or replacing damp proof materials and improving drainage, to address the issue effectively.
Often appearing after heavy rainfall, penetrating damp typically materialises as wet patches on a wall. Designed to be as thorough as possible, our penetrating damp treatment involves a detailed inspection to identify the source of the water before sealing the routes and applying a water-repellent coat if necessary.
The most common form of damp to appear in homes and offices, condensation is the transformation of water droplets upon contact with a cold surface. As a part of our damp and mould treatments, we provide an effective solution to help rid a property of condensation issues.

Signs of Damp

When it comes to damp, there are several symptoms that are a sign your property may have an issue. These include:
Should you see any of these signs in your property, call us.

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