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Timber & Woodworm Treatment in Wandsworth , Clapham & Surrounding areas

A term that covers a variety of wood-boring insects, woodworms account for 75% of all timber damage in the UK. If your property is struggling with rotten timber as the result of woodworm, dry rot or any other issue, we can help.
Here at RBS Damp Proofing, we are reliable providers of effective timber and woodworm treatments, including fumigation, fogging and water-based solutions. As a business, we ensure all our team hold the correct qualifications and have the necessary experience to perform our services to the highest level.
Based in Tooting in South West London, we provide affordable timber and woodworm treatment services across a 10-mile radius, including Clapham, Epsom, Redhill and Wandsworth. We work with both commercial and domestic clients to provide a variety of services to protect their property.

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Our timber treatments are designed to improve the resistance to factors, such as dry rot and woodworm, that cause damage to a property while also improving the overall lifespan of the wood. Our team of contractors are all fully experienced in our timber treatment solutions, including fumigation, fogging and water-based.
As part of our timber treatment service, we will also undertake an in-depth assessment of the damage allowing us to establish the root cause and severity. Once established, our team will undertake the relevant treatment process to get the wood back to its best.
Rotten timber, often the result of dry rot – a wood destroying fungus that can quickly spread if left unchecked, can severely damage building structure as well as furniture. Thankfully though, the issue only occurs in damp timber and can often be promptly nullified by applying a damp course before leaving to dry.
As part of our rotten timber service, we visit your property and assess the nature of the problem and its scale. From there, we can identify the correct treatment to apply and start the process of combating the problem. Once resolved, we’ll then provide guidance regarding preventative measures so that the problem does not reoccur.

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